Brussels Sprouts Slaw


I had a pound or so of Brussels sprouts left over after making fried Brussels sprouts and thought I’d turn them into a slaw, which is one of my favorite kinds of salad. And when I say that, I wonder to myself what constitutes a slaw? Maybe the inclusion of cruciferous vegetables — the cabbage, the broccoli, the turnips? — or maybe it’s just any exceptionally crunchy vegetable served raw.

I’ve tried it with apples, and with sunflower seeds — each add their own special crispiness. The tart-sweet dressing and the chewy dates are required, and anything else is gravy, man. I bet grated carrots would also be nice. Or use a red apple instead for a Christmassy-color scheme. Some sliced celery, some toasted walnuts. Basically just let your mind be free.
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  1. The recipe looks amazing! I can’t stand the old-fashioned, boiled brussels sprouts, but have learned to enjoy them cut like coins and fried. I would have NEVER considered to make slaw with them. What a groovy idea!
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