4th of July Recipes

This 4th of July also commemorates TWO years of us living in Los Angeles. We are finally — the last 6 months — really feeling like “home” here. It took longer than we expected, honestly; but I think we just weren’t being very realistic with our expectations, considering we moved with a baby, a business,…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #8

Week eight; let’s get straight! The last three weeks have been kind of a blur — especially when I try to remember what I’ve eaten. Chris was in Nicaragua for a week; my mom and grandma were visiting; Chris got back; we went to VidCon; my brother and sister-in-law are staying with us today; then…

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Spicy Broccoli Salad

Our friend Satomi is a little famous around the Austin potluck scene for her broccoli salad which includes bacon, raisins and mayonnaise. Sounds weird as hell but it’s really tasty. I wanted to come up with a slightly spicy, slightly less sweet version of hers that would work well as a side dish for tacos or enchiladas.…

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5 Meals to Make This Week #7

pineapple lamb kebabs

Week seven! Just give in! . . . To laziness I’m going into full-blown lazy mode this week. Between having my mom and grandma stay with me while Chris was out out town, then heading straight to VidCon this weekend . . . I’m tuckered out, y’all! So here’s five super-duper, easy-peasy meals to make this week!…

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5 Meals to Make This Week #6

Week six! Cool tricks! This week’s free meal plan includes a spicy steak, chicken two ways, a unique enchilada recipe, and a crispy, thin-crust, gluten-free “pizza”. Enjoy!! Arroz Con Pollo This one-pot chicken and rice recipe will most likely be a hit-and-a-half in your house. There are *some* vegetables in it — onion, carrot, celery…

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5 Meals to Cook This Week #5

Week 5! Still alive! (How much longer can I rhyme these?! Stay tuned to find out!) This week I was really craving crunchy things, evidently. We’ve got crunchy fried tacos (which you can make a big batch of and freeze half for later) crispy fried tofu, eggplant parm sandwiches on crusty bread, and taco salad…

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5 Meals to Cook This Week #4

Week 4! Let’s have some more! It’s warming up all around the US (and the globe, but I guess that’s another topic) so let’s do some grilling this weekend! Plus, Saturday is my birthday and that’s what WE are gonna be doing so we should all do it together. 🙂 Want “5 Meals to Cook…

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5 Meals to Cook This Week #3

Week three! This week, we’ve got crispy, fried things; creamy, hot things; super fast things; super flexible things; and one thing you might think is weird but I hope you try anyway. 🙂 It has bacon! For more options check out meal plan #1 and meal plan #2 from previous weeks. Want to get notification of…

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5 Meals to Cook this Week #2

ground beef curry

Oh my GOSH! Y’all, I was supremely happy to see how much all of you appreciated the premier 5 meals to cook this week post, which made it extra fun for me to plan this week’s post. If you tried it last week, let me know how you liked the recipes. If you didn’t, give it a shot…

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