Homemade Taco Seasoning

Homemade taco seasoning is a great, edible gift for the people in your life who can’t eat any more cookies! But seriously, for years I’ve eschewed pre-mixed seasoning blends in favor of individual spices and combinations to suit my delicate whims. Put a kid into that sitch, though, and those lofty goals go straight down […]

How to Keep Produce Fresh

If you want to keep your fresh produce fresh for longer, there are two things you need to consider. Ethylene gas Ethylene gas is produced by most fruits and some vegetables and it is mostly thought of as the ripening hormone for plants. Every time you put a firm peach in a bag with a […]

New Series on Food Education! How to Pick a Watermelon

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be contributing one video a month to the new-ish YouTube channel Home and Garden for Mere Mortals. My series will focus on food education, including basic tips for choosing produce, simple preservation methods and seasonal topics. The first is How to Pick a Watermelon (and a tip for picking […]

Homestyle Vegetarian Cooking Course

It’s here! The vegetarian cooking course I’ve been working on for at least 8 months is finally done! Phew! It’s humongous! And it’s only $27! Here’s what’s in it: Over 20 new vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner including how to make your own seitan, tempeh “bacon”, soyrizo, and seitan chick’n nuggets, plus lots of other […]

How to Stock a Pantry

Although the subject of how to stock a pantry is covered in depth in an entire chapter of my Learn to Cook book (ahem, makes a great gift!) I hadn’t yet made a video about it. So here it is: how to stock a pantry. This is just the bare-bones beginner-level pantry: what I think are the most […]

Homestyle Mexican Cooking Class!

The Mexican Cooking Class that Carlos and Chris and I have been working on for three months is finally ready! more info on our Homestyle Mexican Cooking Class Carlos and I created a Video Cookbook for you with: 13 exclusive video recipes to stream or download which cover salsas, breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are Carlos’s […]

Knife Care 101

Weige Custom Knife shop – How Knives are made We visited Travis Weige of Weige Knives in Austin to learn how he creates custom chef knives, Santoku, petty, paring, boning, utility and hunting knives in his home shop. Each knife is made by hand, from shaping the blade to smoothing the handle. Customers can choose […]

10 Steps to an Energy Efficient Kitchen

People often opine about “eating green”, meaning what foods require the least amount of energy to produce, sustainably harvested seafood, and water conserving irrigation techniques. What is less talked about is “cooking green”. What I mean by that is being conscious of all the things the farmers think about on the farms while you’re in […]

Learn to Cook: How to Boil Eggs

How to Boil Eggs This is the fourth in a series of answer posts to reader-submitted questions. Some of these posts may be incorporated into the revised edition of the Learn to Cook book. Hard boiled eggs might be one of the trickiest things to get just right. You want the yolks firm and centered […]