Meet My New Pal: Pimm’s Cup

I am a lover of gin. Ever since I visited Ye Olde England for New Year’s 2000 (BIG disappointment when the Thames River refused to catch aflame) gin has been a favorite of mine. Many were the freezing-butt-ass-cold December nights I spent in my friend’s dormitory kitchen, getting drunk on Gordon’s and watching terrible TV […]

Making Friends And Picadillo

I remember being 23 and thinking that I would never again in my life be capable of making such amazing, smart, sweet, crafty, kind-hearted friends as I had then. Fortunately, I still have those incredible friends in my life and am thankful every day for that. But one part of that thought that I am […]

Cinco de Mayo, Amigos!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, everybody! If my life were a more organized mess right now, I’d have planned on making some kind of celebratory video for this day. Maybe we would have gone to Puebla to see the battle site where Mexico totally kicked France’s ASS even though they were outnumbered and out-gunned! Or at […]

Cooking Class Report

If you didn’t hear about the class I taught at Central Market a couple of weeks ago, then, well…we are not friends anymore. Psyche! Of course we are still friends! And like the best of friends do, I’m going to share some photos of that marvelous evening with you now. I was kind of nervous […]

Austin Blogger Awards – Hangover Edition

Good Day, fine people! Thanks to everyone who voted for Hilah Cooking in the Austin Blogger Awards! I am still in shock that we took home three awards (including Blog of the Year)!!! I feel like I hogged them all up. I’m a hogger. We noticed we’ve been having a lot of new visitors since […]


WARNING!!! I’m NOT cooking anything in this episode (but there is an awesome surprise at the end). Instead, this is a really just a commercial for MOUTH PARTY which is a totally awesome party we’re throwing to benefit the Sustainable Food Center. It’s also a great excuse to hang out with our internet friends in […]

Vacation Update Numero Two: Pool Party! and Pimento Cheese

It’s time for another Summer Update. This one’s about…Pool Party! I think I’m still recovering from a long, hard weekend of cold beers, underwater photos, limoncello shots, diving into the “No Diving” end, hot sausages, pimiento cheese, some stuff I shouldn’t talk about, and one lost flip flop. Several things to celebrate this past weekend: […]

Vacation Update Numero Uno: Port Aransas!

Oh, Port Aransas. You done it to me again! It had been way too long since I walked on your brown beaches and accidentally drank of your salty waves which infiltrated my half-full Coors Light when I wasn’t looking. I had forgotten how relaxed you make me feel; and also tiny, insignificant, but sometimes powerful, […]

Hilah’s Top-Secret Newsletter

We’ve just started up a brand-new Hilah Cooking newsletter and we are going to do some pretty cool things with it. You may wonder why we need a newsletter when we already have this website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the other internet junk. Well, we developed the newsletter as a way to communicate to […]