Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

  One of my favorite smoothies, I add protein powder to this cherry chocolate smoothie if I’m having it for breakfast and omit it if I just want something like a milkshake for dessert. Check out this post for more smoothie ideas and recipes: Best Smoothie Recipes  

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Mango Coconut Smoothie

Mango and coconut together is one of the best partnerships around. This smoothing is a high-protein, low-carb, moderate-fat option that will keep you full all morning. If you have a coconut allergy or just don’t like the stuff, use a fresh banana instead for a creamy texture, but the smoothie will be higher in sugars…

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Super Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina is a blue-green algae (though that is a misnomer for cyanobacteria — a photosynthesizing bacteria) that can be found in healthy places like the ocean and Whole Foods. In dry, powdered form, it’s a deep, rich forest green and reminds me of a high-quality dry tempera paint. Once blended into a green spirulina smoothie,…

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Berry Banana Oat Smoothie

Since hitting the halfway point of pregnancy, a smoothie before “real breakfast” has turned out to be the easiest way (for me)┬áto ensure I’m getting the extra 300 nutrient-dense calories I need per day to nourish the Ravenous Fetus. Not that I really count the calories in my pre-breakfast smoothies, but I’m guessing they work…

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Mango Lassi

My first taste of a mango lassi came when I was living in Boston, circa 1998. Though I grew up in the kitchen, what my family was most interested in were the classics; things like chili, enchiladas, and tuna casserole. Indian food, not so much. I had a boyfriend at the time, though, who had…

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