Banana Pancakes (Egg-free pancake recipe)

Banana Pancakes (Egg-free pancake recipe)

Banana pancakes recipe video – scroll down for recipe Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of new videos. It is HARD to find good toddler recipes, meaning things that can be made ahead and reheated, things that aren’t complicated, things that my toddler will actually EAT. I started making these egg-free banana pancakes […]

Huevos Rancheros Especial

huevos rancheros

Huevos Rancheros Especial – scroll down for printable recipe The inspiration for this recipe came from a new novel, “The Fever”, written by long-time HilahCooking community member, Thomas Fenske. In the book, Huevos Rancheros Especial are the house specialty at a small cafe and are a kind of mix-up of traditional West Texas stacked enchiladas and huevos rancheros, […]

Kaya Toast

kaya toast

kaya toast video (scroll down for recipe) I met Lynn Chen recently (you might recognize her from the film Saving Face or from Law and Order: SVU which is one of my favorite shows even though it gives me the heeby-jeebies) and as it turns out, we have more than laughing really really loud in common. […]

Piña Colada Pancakes

piña colada pancakes with rum syrup

piña colada pancakes video (scroll down for printable recipe) A tropical spin on plain old pancakes, these piña colada pancakes are made with coconut milk, coconut chips and fresh diced pineapple. The rum is mixed into warm maple syrup so the pancakes themselves are alcohol-free and safe for small children. Finally a holiday breakfast the whole […]

Dutch Baby Pancake

dutch baby pancake recipe

Dutch Baby Pancake Video (scroll down for printable recipe) I do not think there is anything truly Dutch about a Dutch baby pancake, but it is similar to the German pfannkuchen. Basically it’s a giant popover, baked in a skillet, with eggs being the only leavening. When done correctly, a Dutch baby is a marvelous sight […]

Mashed Potato Waffles

mashed potato waffles

Mashed Potato Waffles Video (scroll down for recipe) One of the best ideas ever. Mashed potato waffles made with leftover mashed potatoes! They get incredibly crispy on the outside, while being soft and creamy inside from the potatoes, cheese and sour cream. Add bacon bits or chives to the batter if you like, or just sprinkle them […]

Quiche Lorraine

quiche lorraine

Quiche Lorraine Recipe Video (scroll down for printable recipe) The famous quiche of Lorraine, basically bacon and eggs in a pie. What could be better? Traditional quiche Lorraine doesn’t include cheese, but if you just can’t get enough of the milky stuff, you can add 4 ounces of diced Gruyere or Comte cheese in the […]

Mushroom Quiche

mushroom quiche

Until just about four years ago, I was an avowed hater of mushrooms. I mean that I found them disgusting, revolting and gag-worthy. Then suddenly, a switch flipped. Because I love food so much and so much of food (especially vegetarian food) involved mushrooms, I would make an attempt to give mushrooms a try every […]

Savory Ham and Cheese Waffles

ham and cheese waffles

I’m a savory breakfast kinda goyl. Give me a bagel over a donut any day of the week and I’ll take my toast with salted butter, please, hold the jam. Because of this preference, I’ve never gotten terribly excited over pancakes or waffles. But ham and cheese waffles? Hot diggity! We had a version of these ham […]