Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan chocolate cake is so moist and fluffy you would swear it wasn’t vegan. But it is. And wonderful and cholesterol free! Try the vegan icing, too! (Please note: the ganache isn’t vegan unless you use some fake, soy-milk cream.)

How To Make Punch

If you’re having a party, you must have party punch! The Tipsy Texas shows us how to make an amazing PUNCH based on the famous Fish House punch! This punch is kickin’.

Buffalo Wings!

Make your own extra-crispy, super-spicy Buffalo Wings! Perfect for Superbowl party snacks! Or just dinner one night. Pretend you’re at Hooters! FUN!

Hot Buttered Rum

How to make a Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail the way Hugh Hefner would make. Rum, butter, heat. That’s it! Perfect Winter drink by the fire or in a hot tub. Yowza!

How To Cook Black-Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas on New Year’s Day will bring you good luck all the year! Here’s how to make perfect black eyed peas with pork fat for your loved ones. Or make them vegetarian by using some butter or oil instead of pork fat.

How To Make Eggnog

Here’s an old-fashioned, Southern eggnog recipe from my grandma. Booze, eggs, sugar and whatcha got? Eggnog! It’s Christmas! (Not for the faint of heart or liver.)

How To Make Tamales

Learn the easy way to make tamales! This video and article walk you through the process from making the dough (masa) to a variety of tamale fillings. Vegan and vegetarian (or not!).

How To Make Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies (AKA Russian Teacakes) are classic Christmas cookies. They’re also way easy to make and beautiful! Impress yourself and your friends!

How To Make Potato Latkes

Potato latkes are a Hanukkah tradition. You might know them as potato pancakes. Here’s an easy latke recipe. Good for breakfast or whenever! You can also use sweet potatoes for a sweet change.