Choripanes were invented in Argentina, but similar sandwiches are eaten in Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile. Choripán is a portmanteau of chorizo and pan — sausage and bread — but that’s not all there is to it! Chimichurri is what makes the sandwich famous. Chimichurri is a fresh salsa based on oil and vinegar and parsley, with various […]

How to Make Aioli

This aioli recipe is super simple, quick and fun. Especially simple and quick if you have a blender! It won’t keep as long (like, not forever) as store-bought mayonnaise and it has a more pronounced egg-y flavor than store-bought mayo, but it also has only 5 ingredients and you can alter it somewhat to suit […]

Cherry Chipotle Sauce

It’s only been, like, a MILLION years since I posted any “bonus” recipes on here that aren’t affiliated with a video recipe and this one doesn’t even count for that because you’ll see it in tomorrow’s Shrimp Corndog episode as a dipping sauce. But cut me some slack, please! We have a lot of irons […]

Creamy Hatch Chili Sauce

I’m not sure it’s possible to explain to you how delicious and also how hot this sauce is. It is so delicious that we have been putting it on ALL of our food the past few days. I’m talkin’ chicken tacos, carnitas, steamed broccoli, salmon patties, green beans, eggs, taco salad, tostones. Really, everything except […]

Learn To Cook: Easy Sauces

This is the second in a series of answer posts to reader-submitted questions. Some of these posts may be incorporated into the revised edition of the Learn to Cook book. “Sauces! I can get by making meat and veggies, but I have no idea how to throw together a quick sauce to jazz it up […]

Basil Walnut Pesto

Here’s a basic pesto recipe for ya. I used the HUGE bunch of basil in my CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. I use walnuts because I fear a second experience with the dreaded Pine Mouth. Walnuts add the same creamy texture, I think. Pecans also work nicely. Pesto can be frozen, too, in case […]

Tartar Sauce Recipe

Here’s a basic tartar sauce recipe for your fried catfish, grilled fish, crab cakes, tuna cakes, or birthday cakes! Just kidding about the birthday cakes, I think. But totally not judging if you’re into trying that. Tartar sauce (or tartare sauce if you’re in the UK) has been around a long time and likely originated […]

Blue Cheese Dressing

Blue cheese dressing (or bleu cheese dressing if the place is classy or TGIFriday’s) is one of my top two favorite dressings that I only ever eat at restaurants. The other one being Thousand Island. At home, I always make a quick vinaigrette, but if I’m out and paying top dollar for a salad, you […]

Texas Caviar

We’re on vacation! We’re at the beach with Daisy! We’re being lazy and eating things out of boxes and cans! But it’s still New Year’s Day tomorrow and that means we have to eat black-eyed peas for good luck in the coming year and I figured the easiest way to do that when you’re stuck […]