Thai Curry Chicken Salad

DEWDS. I think I’m gettin’ chunky. Well, fine, I know I’ve gained some weight in the last two years. Whether that newly minted weight qualifies me as “chunky” or not, I do know for a fact that some of my dang old summer shorts don’t fit no more! And, Hell! That ain’t right! Sewww, that means […]

Smoked Sausage Wrap

If you grew up in Texas and ever went to a county fair, you’re probably familiar with the notion of a Smoked Sausage Wrap, a.k.a. Sausage Wrap. For the unfamiliar, it’s just what it sounds like: A smoked sausage wrapped in a flour tortilla — delicious and easy to eat as you walk around in […]


Gorditas roughly translates into “little fatties”, which is a reference to their appearance — fat, stuffed corn tortillas — and possibly your appearance as well if you eat too many. A play on my “Healthy vs Hell-with-it” theme, these are basically Tuesday’s very healthy, low-fat and wholesome corn tortilla recipe turned into fried corn dough […]

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

I’d been thinkin’ and dreamin’ for a while now of some kind of peanut-butter-roasted chicken dealio, and while this isn’t quite all that, it does satisfy the peanut butter and chicken combo conundrum I was facing. On a lark… a whim… a whimsy if you will, I added a spoonful of peanut butter to my […]


Don’t laugh. I know this is, like, Baby-Cooking 101 — whoa … not like that — but it’s very important to me that you not forget about quesadillas! They are a crucial part of my life and have been for many years. Second only to grilled cheese sandwiches (and on occasion, they have traded places) […]

Big Ass Burritos

Burritos! Not breakfast burritos; I’m anti-breakfast burritos. But big ass, beany, cheesy, meaty burritos? Now we’re talking. I’m sure it’s obvious that you could fill these babies with anything your heart desires and your fridge contains. In my case, that was some black beans that became refried beans, some frozen chicken breast that became shredded […]

Twelve Picnic Recipes

Picnics. Isn’t the very idea of a picnic just ROMANTIC AS HELL?? You know, in your mind, the picnic happens on a grassy knoll under a 200-year-old oak tree; a perfectly pointy blue-gray mountain range on one side and a huge crystal lake on the other (don’t worry; Jason is a thousand miles away in […]

Indian Tacos

Indian Tacos Recipe Video – scroll down for printable recipe Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of new videos. Indian tacos AKA Navajo tacos are like tacos but made with Indian frybread (AKA Navajo frybread) in place of the tortilla. They are drop-dead delicious. (And pretty much drop-dead unhealthy due to the frying […]

Chick-Fil-A Copycat (Original Chick-Fil-Gay Sandwich)

the unfathomably controversial Chick-Fil-Gay video (scroll down for recipe) If you’ve been dreaming of a way to make your very own junky fast-food-that’ll-kill-ya at HOME, today is your lucky day! Here is Chick-Fil-A’s secret recipe* and my secret* home-frying technique,  because unlike those chicken behemoths, CFA and KFC, we little people don’t have pressure fryers in […]