Filet-O-Fish Copycat

I say “copycat” but really, this Filet O fish copycat is much tastier than the McDonald’s Filet O Fish sandwich, and more filling with less calories. I think you’ll agree that this isn’t the first time a copycat recipe turned out better than the original. Though I don’t celebrate Lent, I found an article last week […]

Fish Taco Wraps

Immediately after our juice cleanse, I wanted to eat a lot of food like jalapeño cheeseburgers and tacos and pot pie and nachos and cake. But I had a feeling that three days on a juice (and one carrot) diet might prevent me from fully enjoying such delicacies as those. So I settled on baked fish […]

Linguine with Clam Sauce

Linguine with calm sauce is a classic Italian Christmas recipe. This one I got from my friend Mel. Mel is fantastic and feisty and beautiful and has written two best-selling cookbooks (WellFed and WellFed 2) and writes on her extremely popular blog, TheClothesMakeTheGirl, and she is half Italian and half Lebanese and therefore grew up […]

Gravlax Recipe — Swedish Cured Salmon

When I was in New Zealand some decade or so ago, wwoofing*, occasionally I would be allowed to work some of my wwoof-hours in the restaurant kitchen. The chef there made gravlax. It seemed so easy and tasted so delicious, I’d since then always intended to try making it myself, but never got around to […]

Oyster Nachos

Episode 10 Hilah’s Texas Kitchen: Oyster Nachos! Evangeline Cafe is one of Austin’s best-loved Cajun restaurants. Chef and owner Curtis Clarke hails from Lake Charles Louisiana and for 10 years has been making friends through his delicious food and nightly live music. Perhaps Evangeline’s most famed item is their Oysters Contraband, or “oyster nachos” as […]

How to Make Crepes

I recently learned how to make crepes from my mom’s boyfriend, Bill. Every year he has a crepe party for Easter. He sets up several “crepe stations” around the house and yard — an electric cooker, griddle, bowl of crepe batter — and a central table indoors, covered with different crepe fillings. The fillings range […]

Sushi Rolls

I’ve written about my maternal grandmother before. She’s the one with the adventurous palate who taught me not really how to make anything in particular, but more about throwing stuff together in the kitchen to see what happens; see what sticks. I learned that what sticks gets written down, what doesn’t stick just gets eaten […]

How to Cook Salmon: Maple-Lime Baked Salmon

How to cook Salmon video – scroll down for recipe There’s probably a bajillion ways to cook salmon, but for ease and fool-proof-ness, “in the oven” is the best way to do, it in my opinion. You might know by now, I didn’t grow up eating a lot of seafood (daddy didn’t care for the […]

Fish and Chips

The first fish and chips I ever ate was in London, December 1999. My super awesome bestie was doing a study abroad there for a year and his girlfriend (another of my besties) and I planned a visit. The idea was to be there for Y2K so we could all celebrate the end of the […]