Shrimp Corn Dogs

I wish I could take credit for this most excellent idea, but alas, I first heard of these from a restaurant in town called Moonshine Grill. It’s a great place and they make these amazing shrimp corn dogsĀ that go really, really super-great with beer and cocktails. Already requests have begun coming in from viewers for […]

Shrimp Tacos

how to make shrimp tacos video – scroll down for recipe DOODS. Seriously. I’d been thinking about making shrimp tacos on the show for a while but of course, you know, I wanted to do something awesome, something spicy, something different, something … SO RAVEN. Oh god, that was a terrible joke. Anyway, I’d been […]

Fried Fish: Cornmeal Fried Catfish

Me and my bestie Shannon spent most of our summer days fifth grade through eighth grade either at the coast or at the lake. The coast was awesome because her family liked to party and there was always a giant shade tent, cold beers (not that we got any) and cookouts. Also guitar pickin’ and […]

Gefilte Fish

How to Make Gefilte Fish Video -scroll down for recipe This might put me on some people’s shit-list, but when I was in middle school we hung out with a kid named Brandon who was not Jewish and we were not Jewish and in fact I didn’t meet my first Jewish person until I was […]

How To Make Crab Cakes

How to make Crab Cakes Video – scroll down for recipe card Here’s how to make crab cakes out of crab meat. These would be perfect little cakes if you were throwing a birthday party for a fish or a shark or a whale. Not such a great idea if the party is for a […]

Surf and Turf: Steak with Oysters

Surf and Turf: Better than at a strip club V-D is Tuesday so here’s an awesome surf and turf combo I came up with that incorporates not one, but THREE aphrodisiacs and if that doesn’t get ya laid, well, perhaps you should look into improving your technique. Relax! I mean your cooking technique!

How to Steam Lobster (and How to Eat Lobster!)

This video also demonstrates how to shell and eat lobster. Not for the squeamish! šŸ™‚ Laurel made me do it. Then I made her do it. Then we ate our victims. Chris helped and we all guzzled champagne. How sick is that?!? Well, I hope you don’t think it’s too sick. It was really tasty […]

Fried Calamari

If you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter account and FaceBook and Google Plus and all that junk where I post my most intimates, then you know Chris and I just got back from a trip to the Texas Riviera — a.k.a. Port Aransas. We ate a boatload (not literally) of fried seafood while we […]

The Sardine Experiment: Part Three

How to Eat Sardines After last week’s sardine taste-testing, wherein many a sardine was eaten plain, on a cracker, with and without mustard, I finally got a little creative with the fishes and tried several recipes that also included such delights as capers, olives, tomatoes, eggplant, and long skinny noodles. It was exceptionally disappointing.