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Sausage Stuffed Jalapeños

Stuffed jalapeños this way are incredibly, stupidly easy and delicious. No cooking the meat first, no cooking anything first, just mix up some pork with some salsa and other stuff, cram it in a hollowed out jalapeño and bake. So easy a horse on ketamine could do it and horses don’t even have thumbs! Come…

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Egg Roll Recipe

From what I gathered on the internet, the egg rolls you find at Chinese restaurants are evolved from the more delicate spring rolls actually found in China. Spring rolls are so called because they are served in the spring time, and at Chinese New Year. Egg rolls are so called because the wrappers (or “skins”)…

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Raw Hummus

As mentioned, I’ve been sprouting seeds lately. In my travels around the world while sitting in darkened office poking at a keypad and staring at the compooter, I came across the idea of sprouting beans. Maybe it makes them more digestible, they say. If you adhere to a raw diet, it’s definitely the only way…

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Sicilian Fried Dough Balls – Christmas in Italy

Part eight in my Christmas Around the World series! Christmas in Italy, focus on: DOUGH BALLS! Big thank you to my friend Mel for joining me on the show again to share her family tradition! Yay! Fried dough balls! A simple bread dough; little bites of it filled with cheese or pepperoni or anchovies, then…

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Buñuelos Navideños – Colombian Christmas Buñuelos

bunuelos navidenos

Buñuelos Navideños Video Demo (scroll down for printable recipe) Part five in my Christmas Around the World series! Christmas in Colombia, focus on: BUñUELOS! Muchas gracias a Cristina for this recipe and others that she has shared with me. ¡Abrazos! Colombian buñuelos Navideños are quite different from any buñuelos I’d seen before. These buñuelos are…

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Jalapeño Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite party snacks to make. People make fun of them a little bit — they have a reputation for being old-fashioned  or giving you farts and egg-breath — and perhaps there’s a nugget of truth there, but good lord, deviled eggs are delicioso! Deviled eggs in their basest form…

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Chimichanga! It’s so fun to say! I had a request for a chimichanga video from my buddy Larry. That same week, I had TWO requests for “unhealthy vegetarian food” — a descriptive that makes me smile. A chimichanga is pretty unhealthy, on account of the frying, and the cheese, and also the frying. So I…

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Gorditas roughly translates into “little fatties”, which is a reference to their appearance — fat, stuffed corn tortillas — and possibly your appearance as well if you eat too many. A play on my “Healthy vs Hell-with-it” theme, these are basically Tuesday’s very healthy, low-fat and wholesome corn tortilla recipe turned into fried corn dough…

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I surely can’t be the only one to whom chicken flautas are a serious, dedicated food love. Corn tortillas rolled tightly around filling of your choice (chicken here, but beef or potato fillings are common) then fried until crispy golden delicious is achieved?? I mean, COMEON. This video was the second collaboration we did at…

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