Creamed Spinach Recipe: Old Lady Recipes # 1

Creamed Spinach

Truthfully, I can not state that I’ve ever had creamed spinach made by an actual Old Lady.

But it’s one of the recipes that I lump into that category of my brain along with creamed onions, liver and onions, and gelatin salads. All of which are delicious. (Except maybe liver and onions; although I remember loving my grandma’s liver’n’onions as a child, I haven’t had them in 20-odd years and can’t be sure I’d still feel the same devotion. So it’s a “maybe”.)

Indeed, the fact that a recipe is something that might appeal to an Old Lady generally means it’s super-yummy in my book. Creamed spinach is no exception. Unnecessary and gluttonous as it may be, covering spinach with creamy sauce is a delight when done right. (See what I did there? I made a rhyme!)

Try this creamed spinach recipe with your holiday meals as a nice change from the standard Old Lady Recipe: green bean casserole.
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  1. Rachael Macry says:

    Oh nom. Nom. Nom. Garlic, yes, bacon, yes! I was getting a little weary of my standard olive oil/garlic/sea salt spinach treatment. Thanks!

  2. How about some old man recipes – MEAT N POTATOS

  3. By the way congratulations for the next You Tube Chef. You are the best I’ve found there! Keep up the good work, and I hope you get a TV show out of all of this!

  4. Inge Schön-Valdez says:

    My mom used to make a creamed spinach – I guess you could call it that… we had it with salt potatoes and eggs over easy. It was sooooooooooo good! But I haven’t had it in about 30 years :(… But thank you for bringing back the memory :)

    • Oh, man, Inge, that sounds FAB. I really am wishing I’d made that breakfast instead of waffles this morning! I guess there is always tomorrow…
      Did you mom make that for breakfast or supper? Seems good at either time.

      • Inge Schön-Valdez says:

        It was Hilah! She made it usually for a late lunch/early dinner. I have to try to remember to ask her how to make the spinach next time I call her…

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