HHH02 – Interview with Emmy Made in Japan

My interview with Emmy from Emmy Made in Japan, episode 2 of Hilah’s Happy Hour! Emmy runs this super popular and entertaining YouTube channel, producing several videos a week. Her audience sends packages of their favorite treats from all around the world and she does a fantastic job of showcasing them, tasting them and teaching a little about them. In this interview, we discuss why she started her channel while living in Japan, different kinds of Cheetos, Shine Theory, and eating bugs.

emmy made in japan interview

Show Notes

  • Living in Japan
  • Her first video tasting Japanese candy
  • Human generosity
  • Pronunciation versus “affectation”
  • Salmiakki – Salted licorice (watch Emmy eat it here)
  • Emmy’s pretty teeth
  • Jalapeño Cheetos
  • Shine Theory and “virtual sisters”
  • Pocky
  • Bugmas” – eating bugs for Christmas
  • Bush tucker
  • Balancing life/family/career/education

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