How To Make Tamale..

Learn the easy way to make tamales! This video and article walk you through the process from making the dough (masa) to a variety of tamale fillings. Vegan and vegetarian (or not!).

How To Make Mexica..

Mexican Wedding Cookies (AKA Russian Teacakes) are classic Christmas cookies. They’re also way easy to make and beautiful! Impress yourself and your friends!

How To Make Potato..

Potato latkes are a Hanukkah tradition. You might know them as potato pancakes. Here’s an easy latke recipe. Good for breakfast or whenever! You can also use sweet potatoes for a sweet change.

Austin Blogger Awa..

Good Day, fine people! Thanks to everyone who voted for Hilah Cooking in the Austin Blogger Awards! I am still in shock that we took home three awards (including Blog of the Year)!!! I feel like I hogged them all up. I’m a hogger. We noticed we’ve been having a lot of new visitors since […]

How To Make Cornbr..

A good cornbread recipe is hard to find. Luckily, here’s this one. Slightly sweet, with a variation for jalapeno corn bread, too!

How To Make Cornbr..

Here’s my grandma’s Southern-style cornbread stuffing recipe. This basic stuffing recipe can be jazzed up to suit your tastes. Try it for Thanksgiving! Or Christmas! Or just for dinner!

How To Make Pancak..

My favorite pancake recipe! Forget pancake mix, make some pancakes from scratch! Add blueberries or strawberries for kicks. Or chocolate chips for a major sugar rush in the morning.

How To Make a Cham..

A champagne cocktail is a great change from a mimosa for a fun brunch drink. It’s an old-fashioned, classy drink that’s pretty to boot! And easy! And chicks dig it.

How to Make Gravy

You must know how to make cream gravy if you eat biscuits! Or mashed potatoes. Or chicken fried steak. And I guarantee it’s easier than you think. Hooray for easy gravy recipes!