Tuscan Mule Cockta..

Here’s how to make a Tuscan Mule Cocktail, which is a variation on the Moscow Mule. Super easy: Tuaca, ginger beer, and lime. Perfect Summer drink!

How To Make Pasta ..

This is my pasta salad recipe – full of fresh vegetables with a light vinaigrette. Perfect salad for pot lucks, barbecues, pool parties, or anytime! Major yummy-times, people.

How To Make Peach ..

This is my mama’s peach cobbler recipe. It’s a Southern style cobbler with lots of fruit and a sweet, soft crust. It’s the greatest! You will love it. I promise.

How To Make Scramb..

You gotta know how to make scrambled eggs if you’re gonna be a grown-up. They’re easy, yummy and make great scrambled egg sandwiches! Here’s how.

How To Make Home F..

Home fries are easy to make and this video will show you how! They’re a great alternative to hashbrowns for breakfast or French fries for dinner! Potatoes RULE!

How To Make Taboul..

This tabouli recipe is light, refreshing and fool-proof! Tabouli (or tabouleh) makes a great summer salad for dinner or barbecues and pot lucks. Impress some people with your Middle Eastern cookin’ skillz-ah!

How To Make Tacos ..

This tacos al pastor recipe is spicy, fruity, easy and authentic. i use pork tenderloin, chilies, and pineapple for these Al Pastor tacos. Major yummies!

How To Make Spring..

Vietnamese spring rolls are easy to make! Here’s my recipe for spring rolls with lots of suggested fillings, plus my secret, easy peanut sauce recipe! People gonna be wowed by your kitchen prowess!


Sangrita is great served alongside tequila shots! It’s popular in Mexico, but not much elsewhere. Jazz up your tequila shots with some easy sangrita! (Or just take em like a man with some lime and salt!)