“Better than Ranch-Style” Beans

People been asking me to do a baked beans recipe for their summer barbecues and picnics and whatnot, but I already have a recipe for baked beans in my Learn to Cook book. So I one-upped em and came up with this SUPER DELICIOUS ranch-style beans recipe.

Man alive, these are good! Way, way, waaayyy better than canned ranch-style beans which I’ve never even really liked. To me they’ve always had an overly-chili-powdery-taste. These beans, though. These beans, I tell you, will be a frequent guest star at our dinner table this year.

I used Mayacoba beans (aka Peruvian beans) which are similar to Pintos. You could use either of those and Great Northern would be good, too. In fact, pretty much any of the light-colored beans will work, I believe.

ranch-style beans recipe

Golly these are good, hoss!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe! It was awesome. I substituted half of a jalapeno for the serrano pepper and used chicken broth instead of water.

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