Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi is a Hawaiian specialty, often served at lunch or for a snack. It’s incredibly simple in its basest form: SPAM, rice, seaweed. Similar to sushi rolls, but squared off; it reminds me of a sandwich. Aside from the outrageous amounts of sodium in the SPAM (and courteously overlooking the “pink slime” nature of the beast) Spam Musubi is maybe kind of healthy.

Or maybe I have absolutely no grip any longer on what is healthy. I think … anything that gets more seaweed into my body is healthy? For some reason I have this idea that seaweed is, like, the healthiest thing on the planet and that I should try to eat it all the time. But I don’t like it all that much. Fortunately, put it with some salty-sweet grilled SPAM and I’m all over it.

spam musubi

You probably know as well as I do that Hawaiian cuisine is a blend of many: Japanese, Filipino, Polynesian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, American … it might be one of the most hodge-podge of all world cuisines. Rice is an important staple, as is taro root. Obviously, seafood plays a large part and probably everyone is familiar with the famed Hawaiian roast pig. Spam was brought to the islands by military servicemen from the US and became exceptionally popular after World War II. Hawaii remains one of the world’s highest consumers of Spam. Spam is fried with eggs for breakfast, with vegetables for dinner, and rolled into musubi for lunch.

I did this recipe as part of a long-distance collaboration with Cobi of Veggietorials. All her stuff is vegan and beautiful and also looks like just exactly what you’d want to eat on a gorgeous damn beach in Hawaii. Which is probably because she lives on a gorgeous beach in Hawaii. Her version of a vegan musubi is here:
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P.S. In case you’re like me and have never been to Hawaii, it’s pronounced “moo-soo-BEE” not “moo-SOO-be”.

spam musubi


  1. Actually, the emphasis is equal on all syllables. Other than that, it’s a wonderful food.

  2. When I was a wee girl, one of my cooking “specialties” was “Spam Loaf Hawaiian”; god know where the recipe came from. All I really remember is that it involved pineapple . . . and I’m convinced it’s what made me stop eating meat when I was an adult.

    Banjo, on the other hand, was WAY interested in the spam you were cooking!

    • Ahahaha! Sounds like a recipe that may have come off the can of Spam itself. Probably a promo deal where you buy the Spam, get a recipe, and a coupon for a can of pineapple. Two-ingredient dinner! ;)
      Banjo does love salted meat products, though. Possibly too much.

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