Top Superbowl Food!


Frito Pie is but one of the wonders of Superbowl Party Food

The only part of the Superbowl that I care about is the food and the snacks and the drinking and the yelling at the TV. Since every red-blooded American is adept at drinking and yelling at the TV, but maybe not so much at making the food and the snacks, this post will focus on the latter.

Top Superbowl Food Ideas (with recipes)!


Especially if you live in or are from or have ever been tailgating in Texas, you know what I speak about! It’s easy and even preferable to make the chili a day or several days in advance, then all you have to do is heat it up and put out the toppin’s. (Hint: by toppin’s I mean cheese, onions, pickled jalapeños and Fritos for a mean Frito Pie.) Another chili-related Superbowl recipe is chili dogs! Chili dog chili is different from my Texas-style chili, but just as easily made in advance so that all you are responsible for on game day is getting drunk on Miller Highlife or whatever your poison. (And if you abstain from the meats, try this vegan chili recipe and then thank your lucky stars that Fritos happen to be vegan, too. Phew!)

Watch the chili dog recipe video now!


I’ve got three fantastic options for you, my sweet, lovely sportsfans. Traditional fried chicken wingsboneless Buffalo wings (ahem, with a Doritos crust for real) and a new lighter and easier baked chicken wings recipe. Take your pick! Personally, I’d go with the baked wings. Much less mess, no leftover oil to dispose of, and you can easily cook, like, a thousand pounds of them at once (assuming you have an oven that big).

Watch the Baked Chicken Wings video now:


Number Three awesome Superbowl food has got to be this seriouslyfuckingamazing homemade pizza. It’s a good thing you’re reading this now, too, because the perfect dough requires an overnight stay at a fancy hotel, or your refrigerator. I know you can just order a pizza, too, but where is the fun in that? More importantly, where is the SUPER AWESOME HOMEMADE PIZZA CRUST?!?! Even more fun, use the same dough to make a pizza roll!

Watch the pizza roll (aka stromboli) video now:

4. POTATO SKINS or SKINZ if you’re feeling rough and tumble. I made these for Halloween but guesswhatyoucanmakethemanytimeofyear.

Watch the very weird potato skins video now!


Oftentimes, old dudes will smoke a beef brisket over night in preparation for the football games and things, but hey did you know you can make a delicious and tender brisket in the oven? Well, it’s a fact, Jack. Check out my oven beef brisket with an incredible dry rub.

Watch the oven-roasted beef brisket video now:

6. SHRIMP CORN DOGS. Dewds. Are you hearing me on this? I said “shrimp” and “corn dogs” in the same sentence. IN THE SAME BREATH, even. I can’t understand why you’re not already eating these. Here, let me help:

7. SUPERBOWL SNACK MIX! I did this recipe as part of a “poolside recipes” cookbook my friend Malena put together. It’s real simple and combines all the flava-flaves of Buffalo wings but without the grease and the bones. Sweet. It’s the ultimate way of saying “I care” when you in fact don’t care very much at all and would rather never eat than have to cook. There’s no video for this one, but you’re maybe tired of my shenanigans by now, anyway.


Especially jalapeño deviled eggs! Everyone who’s anyone could go for a delicious deviled egg now and then. For more fun-ness, soak the whites in pickled beet or jalapeño juice before filling them to make these kickass pickled deviled eggs.

Watch how to make deviled eggs:

9. DIP!

Homemade dips such as this OMG-homemade French onion dip. It’s the bomb dot com and you can make it today in about 10 minutes and it’ll be even better tomorrow or the day after that. I strongly suggest making a double batch. It’ll be gone fast. Serve it with crackers, potato chips or assorted vegetables cut into sticks. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite dip (unless you hate it) GUACAMOLE! Peep this to see how to make guacamole that’s better than usual.


Even better, easy stuffed mushrooms. They are easy because you don’t have to cook anything first. You just jam some sausage in a mushroom and bake it. I heard that if you take a few minutes (5? 10?) to soak the mushroom caps in white wine before stuffing and baking, they won’t get wrinkled up in the oven. I haven’t tried it, but I appreciate things that include more alcohol.

Watch the super easy stuffed mushroom video now:


AKA . . . (imagine a drumroll here) QUESO!!!! Check out this classic hot, cheesy dip made with just four ingredients. Keep it warm and melty in a slow cooker on low or warm setting, and serve with many, many tortilla chips. To make it a little fancier or heartier, add cooked chorizo or beans.

Watch the queso dip video now to see how GD easy it really is:


Try these mini-chimichangas for an impressive (and vegetarian) Superbowl snack food. Flour tortillas rolled up around a beany-cheesy filling, then deep fried and served with cilantro cream sauce. People will be screaming your name.

Watch the chimichanga video now!

Okey dokey! That’s all I got! Have a fun and safe Superbowl Party! Eat lots of snacks! Luv you!


  1. I try to make a Super Bowl food party. It isn’t fun because honestly we are just three people who were eating and our food is so many (like a buffet). Actually it’s just okay even we are just three. I will invite more friends for my next Super Bowl food party (and also the food!)

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