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Satan’s Hairy (Meat) Balls

I came across a recipe for “Sea Anemones” in an old cookbook of my grandmother Hornsby’s. The book is called Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau by Elizabeth Ahn Toupin. “Sea Anemones” are meatballs made with minced shrimp and rolled in broken vermicelli noodles which have the marvelous property of puffing into white, wormy strands when…

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Shrimp Corn Dogs

I wish I could take credit for this most excellent idea, but alas, I first heard of these from a restaurant in town called Moonshine Grill. It’s a great place and they make these amazing shrimp corn dogsĀ that go really, really super-great with beer and cocktails. Already requests have begun coming in from viewers for…

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French Onion Dip

Oh dear GAWD, is she ever gonna stop with the creamy treats?? That’s what I know you are saying to yourself right now. But check it. This creamy treat is almost free of fat! It’s made from yogurt! That also means it’s got beneficial bacteria innit and plus a lot of herbs and onions which…

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