I surely can’t be the only one to whom chicken flautas are a serious, dedicated food love. Corn tortillas rolled tightly around filling of your choice (chicken here, but beef or potato fillings are common) then fried until crispy golden delicious is achieved?? I mean, COMEON. This video was the second collaboration we did at […]


Queso Dip Video (scroll down for queso recipe) If you’re not from Texas, you probably have no idea what the hell queso is. I know, I know, you think you know that it means “cheese” in Spanish and you are correct in that. But to a Texan, queso means something completely different. Sometimes called chili […]

Top Superbowl Food!

The only part of the Superbowl that I care about is the food and the snacks and the drinking and the yelling at the TV. Since every red-blooded American is adept at drinking and yelling at the TV, but maybe not so much at making the food and the snacks, this post will focus on […]

Potato Skins! (or “Scalped” Potatoes)

Stuffed potato skins … a.k.a … wait for it … Scalped Potatoes! Alright, I know this was a stretch (believe me, I KNOW!) but “Scalped Potato Skins”? I mean, come on, how’m I gonna NOT make that pun? You know me. You know what I’m like*. *I’m like that person who can’t stop making puns, […]

Superbowl Snack Mix

This one’s for all you late-comers and last-minute non-planners out there. I include myself in that group. As much as I love thinking about Superbowl parties (for the food, not the football) and planning menus in my head, I have yet to actually get around to hosting my own Superbowl party, replete with all the […]

Steamed Pork Buns

Happy New Year, Everybody! No I’m NOT reading that calendar wrong. I’m talking about Chinese New Year! Yeah, you read that right. And I made me some dim sum. I shortcutted my way through the dough and the Chinese barbecued pork filling, leaving me plenty of time to roll these babies around my kitchen on […]

Fried Calamari

If you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter account and FaceBook and Google Plus and all that junk where I post my most intimates, then you know Chris and I just got back from a trip to the Texas Riviera — a.k.a. Port Aransas. We ate a boatload (not literally) of fried seafood while we […]

How to Make Gougères aka Choux Pastry

How to make Gougères Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe To Begin to make Gougères you must first make Pâte à Choux, aka Choux Pastry I first learned how to make Shoe Pastry when I was living in New Zealand, dating the ChefBoy, and learning all kinds of neat-o Real Chef Things. Things such […]

Mushroom Duxelles in Puff Pastry

  If you don’t know, duxelles is just French for “mushrooms cooked down into paste”. Mushroom paste? Blech. No wonder they made up a fancy-sounding word for it. But it is yummy if you’re into mushrooms. If you’re not, I completely understand because I have hated mushrooms my whole life until very recently when I […]