Beet BLT Sandwich

A couple of weeks ago, Volkswagen approached me with the following idea: borrow a VW for a couple of days, drive around somewhere cool, and track the trip using their new SmileDrive app. Since Chris and I are in the market for a new car, and Chris loves playing with new apps, we figured what […]

Jalapeño Bacon Cheeseburger

The evil, long-lost, fat-filled twin sister of Tuesday’s turkey burger recipe, this jalapeño bacon cheeseburger really isn’t anything new. It’s just delicious. As if that weren’t enough. You know it’s enough. I like to use fresh jalapeños on this cholesterol-laden extravaganza to add a little bite of cool crispness. Pickled jalapeños are awesome, too. If you […]

Sonoran Hot Dogs!

Hot Dogs: The Alpha and The Omega. The first time I made these was for my friend Jane. We had lunch together in my mom’s kitchen. It was lovely and Jane was happy and I was happy and we spoke of wondrous things. The second time I made these I was on the news. Last […]

Tropical Kebabs

Ladies. I got your back on this one. I talked to the master to get the key to all men’s hearts. Of course, I hadda blow him for it, but it was worth it for all the awesome info I got on how to impress dudes in the kitchen. Thanks, FreekZone. I owe you one […]

How To Cook Black-Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas on New Year’s Day will bring you good luck all the year! Here’s how to make perfect black eyed peas with pork fat for your loved ones. Or make them vegetarian by using some butter or oil instead of pork fat.

Hallow-peño Poppers!

This fun way to make jalapeno poppers will be the perfect appetizer for your Halloween party! Hallow-peño Poppers are spicy, cheesy and CREEPY!!!

Bacon Takedown

WARNING: There is more cussing and cleavage than usual in this episode. About a month ago, my “producer” emailed me about this “Bacon Takedown.” Sure, fine, whatever, sounds good, sign me up. I’m confident — why shouldn’t I be? I can cook bacon good. I didn’t think about it much more than that. Two weeks […]