Applejack – Fall Cocktail Recipe

Last time we were in LA, I had the extreme pleasure of visiting with the very talented and charming Caroline Mili Artiss and shooting some videos with her! We made a couple of fall cocktails; mine, a warming apple brandy sipper and hers, the classic English mulled wine. This cocktail combines one of my favorite […]

Flaming Dr. Pepper

Episode 6 of 2 Shots 1 Take! Flaming Dr. Pepper with Todd Bieber, writer and director from UCBComedy! Before you go on a Flaming Dr. Pepper tirade, I know we did not do this drink justice. I know because someone told me on YouTube and while most things people tell you on YouTube are to […]

Gin Julep

Two Shots, One Take! A gin julep is like a mint julep, but with gin instead of bourbon and a little soda water to soften it. Maybe the soda technically qualifies this as something-not-a-julep, but in the very basest of definitions, a “julep” is just a sweet drink. A Mint Gin Julep might be a […]

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Episode 2 of Two Shots One Take! Jimmy Wong learns me how to make an Old Fashioned cocktail and I bullshit him about how to build a bar in your garage and also Pangaea jokes happen. Since we were making do in a “garage” we didn’t have sugar cubes, or even the simple syrup that some […]

Vodka Cherry Limeade Cocktail Video

Click here for the printable vodka cherry limeade recipe!

Vodka Cherry Limeade

If you’re looking for a special cocktail to get your lover in the mood … well, this one might do it. Vodka cherry limeade is easy drinkin’ with the added benefits of all the off-color “cherry” jokes you could make. You know, about sex and other romantic stuff for Valentine’s Day. Which is tomorrow. Did […]

My New Favorite Watermelon Recipes

(NOTE: I started this post literally a year ago and it got lost in the shuffle, but now it’s finished! Jeez! Take forever! Also, please note that my photography has improved considerably since a year ago. I hope so, anyway.) Watermelon! It’s rad! It’s also in season and super-duper tasty right now. But how do […]

Frozen Sangria

Frozen sangria recipe video (scroll down for printable recipe card) I’d be lying if I told you I made this frozen sangria up for Cinco de Mayo. The truth is, I made this up for all the hot, hot Summer days to come. The sweltering, sweaty days filled with flies, mosquitos, and sun beams that […]

The Famous Napoleon House Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

I was planning on writing all about my AWESOME trip to New Orleans and, like, bragging about it to y’all. But then I got food poisoning while I was there and TRUST me: food poisoning ain’t nothin’ to brag about. Unless you’re a freak who’s into puke parties, but then that’s your deal, dude. Anyway, […]