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Laurel is back, you guys! As a follow up to last week’s Spanakopita for Lovers, we’re making waffles for the morning after! If y’all haven’t yet checked out Laurel’s site Trophy Boutique, you are missing out on some awesome tips on how to dress yourself, some funny writing, and some pretty pictures. Laurel was actually…

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I had my super-special friend Laurel from Trophy Boutique come over to show me how to make spanakopita, thereby showing y’all how to make it, too. The idea is that chicks dig this shit and we ought to know because we are chicks. It has vegetables in it and it requires purchasing (and knowing how…

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Vegetarian Valentine’s Day Menu for Under $15

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. This year, skip the restaurant and try out this simple but delicious Vegetarian Valentine’s dinner idea. Seriously, dudes, your lady friend will be impressed that you cooked anything at all.

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