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Five Crepe Fillings to Try

On Thursday, I showed you how to make crepes with a savory smoked salmon filling. Then I got krazy with krepes! (Why, when I see crepes spelled with a “k”, does my brain read “herpes”? Does your brain do that, too? Should I have not said anything? Okey dokey.) I came up with these 5…

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How to Make Crepes

I recently learned how to make crepes from my mom’s boyfriend, Bill. Every year he has a crepe party for Easter. He sets up several “crepe stations” around the house and yard — an electric cooker, griddle, bowl of crepe batter — and a central table indoors, covered with different crepe fillings. The fillings range…

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How to Make Gougères aka Choux Pastry

How to make Gougères Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe To Begin to make Gougères you must first make Pâte à Choux, aka Choux Pastry I first learned how to make Shoe Pastry when I was living in New Zealand, dating the ChefBoy, and learning all kinds of neat-o Real Chef Things. Things such…

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Easy Cheesy Omelet

Evidently I’m on a French-kick this week. Duxelles, puff pastry, wine (secretly, of course). What’s next?! I grow a skinny moustache and start reciting poetry at a quaint sidewalk cafe?! Sacre bleu! BUT, we are rapidly approaching EPISODE 100, y’all! I swore to myself that by episode 100 I’d have ALL the basics covered in…

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