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Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

Pumpkin Cupcakes Recipe Video If you’ve been following my show for a while, you probably know I am a sucky cake decorator. BUT THAT WILL NOT STOP ME FROM TRYING! “How cute would it be,” I thought to myself, “if I could make pumpkin cupcakes that actually were decorated to look like pumpkins, too!” ┬áSo…

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Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot cake is one of those wholesome desserts that reminds me of farmers’ wives and sweaty milkmaids and healthy brown-skinned farmboys. The sight of a big round carrot cake takes my mind’s eye to the bright kitchen of a big white house in the middle of a sorghum field with a blue sky out the…

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Homemade Twinkie Recipe

Instead of crying, try trying this homemade Twinkie recipe! I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now, and hopefully have had time to mourn, deny, cry, scream, tantrum, and finally shower. Hostess is closing its doors forever. That means no more Twinkies, no more Wonder Bread, no more DingDongs and maybe even the end…

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Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan chocolate cake is so moist and fluffy you would swear it wasn’t vegan. But it is. And wonderful and cholesterol free! Try the vegan icing, too! (Please note: the ganache isn’t vegan unless you use some fake, soy-milk cream.)

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