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German Cinnamon Stars – Zimtsterne

Cinnamon Stars Video (scroll down for printable recipe) Part six in my Christmas Around the World series! Christmas in Germany, focus on: ZIMTSTERNE! A naturally gluten-free almond meringue cookie. I’d be lying my ass off if I told you these were in any way “easy” or “foolproof”. “Pain in the ass” and “kind of frustrating”…

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Beer Beef Stew

Beer Beef Stew Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe card It seems like we ate beer beef stew often growing up. My daddy was a beer-hound (Coors Light to point fingers) but the original recipe came from a woman named Katherine Isbell and I only know this because I found the recipe card in…

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Vampire-fighting Pork Stew

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, like 8 years ago or something, I was twenty-something and I liked to party and take shots of whiskey (or whatever) and sing karaoke wildly and with abandon and at the same time in history, there was a (really very awesome and bad ass)…

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