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The Best Turkey Burger Recipe!

I am SO EXCITED to share this turkey burger recipe with you! I did not grow up eating these, nor have I ever been a huge fan of using ground turkey in place of beef in most things, but this method is so incredibly easy and delicious, I daresay I could do without a beef…

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Green Papaya Salad

My friends Harry and Maew at the Simmons Family Farms are one-of-a-kind organic farmers. In addition to standard crops like greens, tomatoes, and peppers, they also grow many unusual vegetables and herbs like Thai basil, Chinese broccoli, and even papaya. This past week I was lucky enough to grab a green papaya from their stand…

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Pumpkin Empanadas!

These are seriously amazing. I finally tried making my own dough for empanadas and never again will I use store-bought pie crust! For one thing, you know, generally I steer clear of pre-made anything. But mostly, this empanada dough recipe is just superior to pie crust for making these little baked hand-pies. It’s also really…

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Halloween Pumpkin Slaughter!!! Roasted Pumpkin Seeds!

I abhor food waste. I roll my eyes every time I see a display of those knobby, gnarly, little decorative gourds and dried miniature corn cobs for sale anywhere. The U.S. is probably the only country that grows food purely for decoration. Not to be a downer on the fall holiday decorating season, but it…

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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are everyone’s darling! Baked sweet potato fries are even more darling because they’re lower in fat but more concentrated in flavor because the sugars caramelize in the oven — something they don’t do in a vat of fat. Win-win!

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How To Make Pasta Salad

This is my pasta salad recipe – full of fresh vegetables with a light vinaigrette. Perfect salad for pot lucks, barbecues, pool parties, or anytime! Major yummy-times, people.

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How To Make Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are easy to make! Here’s my recipe for spring rolls with lots of suggested fillings, plus my secret, easy peanut sauce recipe! People gonna be wowed by your kitchen prowess!

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How To Stir Fry

how to stir fry

Stir-frying is easy and healthy! This video shows you how to make a tofu stirfry, from frying tofu to cutting the vegetables. All the way to getting third-degree burns. Make sure you press that tofu, people!

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