Sicilian Fried Dough Balls – Christmas in Italy

Part eight in my Christmas Around the World series! Christmas in Italy, focus on: DOUGH BALLS! Big thank you to my friend Mel for joining me on the show again to share her family tradition! Yay! Fried dough balls! A simple bread dough; little bites of it filled with cheese or pepperoni or anchovies, then […]

Linguine with Clam Sauce

Linguine with calm sauce is a classic Italian Christmas recipe. This one I got from my friend Mel. Mel is fantastic and feisty and beautiful and has written two best-selling cookbooks (WellFed and WellFed 2) and writes on her extremely popular blog, TheClothesMakeTheGirl, and she is half Italian and half Lebanese and therefore grew up […]

Socca Pizza – Gluten-free Pizza-like Delicious!

I discovered the wondrous foodstuff that is socca very recently after googling what the hayell to do with this bag of chickpea flour I’d had in the pantry since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. “Socca” is one of the first things to pop up. I made it once, plain-style, and then was immediately struck with […]

Pumpkin Pasta Penne

Pumpkin Pasta Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe card I came up with this recipe to serve our friend Diane who graciously and generously offered to edit the newest version of Learn to Cook with her cruelly capable eagle eyes. In true ladylike form, she has also not made me cry at all or […]

Fettuccine Alfredo

What in the HECK is going on here!?? First, minestrone soup, now fettuccine Alfredo? It’s like I think I’m Italian or something all of a sudden. But I’m not. And I know it. And I know (yes, I know) that I probably screwed this all up and poor Alfredo is rolling in his grave but GUESSWHATIDON’TCARE!!! […]

Fried Calamari

If you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter account and FaceBook and Google Plus and all that junk where I post my most intimates, then you know Chris and I just got back from a trip to the Texas Riviera — a.k.a. Port Aransas. We ate a boatload (not literally) of fried seafood while we […]

Homemade Pizza … At Home!

I never made completely homemade pizza before shooting this episode. I also had never had such delicious, perfect pizza anywhere in tha werld before shooting this episode. Thanks to Brandon of Via 313 pizza, I now can make my own wicked-good pizza at home ANY TIME I WANT TO (provided I have a premonition to make the […]

Pasta Primavera

Okay, people. This is a real kitchen-sink kind of deal. Pretty much just throw in whatever vegetables you have around and viola: Pasta Primavera! Which means, like, Springtime Pasta, which means, like, bright colors and light textures and fresh flavors and baby birds all over the damn place. I love Spring. I love colors and […]

Quick Vegetarian Lasagna

This vegetable lasagna recipe is a great way to cram more vitamins into your body. And my noodle shortcut saves time and water. You can use any vegetables you like in here, too. Veg lasagna rulez!