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Kale Pesto

Kale Pesto Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe card Basil time is over, dudes, and there’s a dreary pall over the whole town it feels like. But that don’t mean we cain’t make pesto! This kale pesto with parsley and pecans will perk ya right up, homies. It’s bright and fresh and another great…

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Egg White Omelet

To be honest, I never got the whole egg white omelet thing. Partly because I’ve never been one to worry very much about calories or fat or cholesterol (a fact which may turn out to haunt me later but nevertheless I thank my parents for not cursing me with a bunch of body image issue…

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Kale with Garlic and Sesame

Kale is one over-hyped vegetable lately, I tell you whut. I don’t mean that to sound negative and complainy, but I know it does. Alls I mean is, kale is always on those lists of “Top 10 foods you must eat NOW!” and “Eat this and live FOREVER!” and then it goes on to be…

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Spicy Thai Kale Chips

So we’re doing this “Health Thing” for the month of August. No alcohol, no dairy, no sugar, no gluten. Good God almighty, what the hell are we thinking?! Actually, so far it’s pretty awesome. And that’s coming from a couple of booze hounds. The first three days, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, we had…

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