Texas Omelette Recipe

A while back, we did a plain old, rolled cheese omelette video that proved to be very helpful to a lot of youngsters (and oldsters!). So the other night, when it was a lazy dinner night and I was making this breakfast for dinner anyway, I figgered I’d go ahead and share this “Texas” omelette […]

Egg White Omelet

To be honest, I never got the whole egg white omelet thing. Partly because I’ve never been one to worry very much about calories or fat or cholesterol (a fact which may turn out to haunt me later but nevertheless I thank my parents for not cursing me with a bunch of body image issue […]

Easy Cheesy Omelet

Evidently I’m on a French-kick this week. Duxelles, puff pastry, wine (secretly, of course). What’s next?! I grow a skinny moustache and start reciting poetry at a quaint sidewalk cafe?! Sacre bleu! BUT, we are rapidly approaching EPISODE 100, y’all! I swore to myself that by episode 100 I’d have ALL the basics covered in […]