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Tourtière Video (scroll down for printable recipe) Part nine in my Christmas Around the World series! Christmas in Canada, focus on: TOURTIERE! Thank you to Sharron for sharing your recipe! Originally a tourtiére was a HUGE meat pie baked in the deep dish for which it is named. The tourtières I saw on the innernet…

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Posole Verde — or Pozole Verde!

Our dear friend Bruce (aka Great Stone Face) requested posole (sometimes spelled pozole) this season and I had to do it! Posole (or pozole?) is a Mexican pork and hominy stew. It’s simple and spicy and warms your tummy. Like many Mexican soups, posole is typically served with a myriad of garnishes that make up…

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Breakfast Meatloaf (including Pork Sausage Recipe)

My brother’s friend Cameron described to me a fantastical breakfast phenomenon he once imagined, called a “Breakfast Meatloaf”. I took on his dream as if it were my own and created this absolutely GD delicious breakfast meatloaf, using my maple-sage pork sausage recipe, combined with a goodly helping of vegetables, stuffed with hard boiled eggs,…

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Roast Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Sauce

The tenderloin is a nice, lean little cut of meat taken from the back side of an animal. Tenderloins have a reputation for being tricky, but that’s a load of horseshit if I ever heard one. Pork tenderloin is especially friendly I think, much smaller than a beef tenderloin, easy to find in stores, and…

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Vampire-fighting Pork Stew

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, like 8 years ago or something, I was twenty-something and I liked to party and take shots of whiskey (or whatever) and sing karaoke wildly and with abandon and at the same time in history, there was a (really very awesome and bad ass)…

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Carnitas means “little meats” in Español and I presume that’s because by the time it’s done cooking, you’re faced with a big pot of tender, tiny shreds of garlicky pork meat, perfect for filling tacos. Native to the state of Michoacán, traditional carnitas are covered in lard and cooked down for hours.

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Steamed Pork Buns

Happy New Year, Everybody! No I’m NOT reading that calendar wrong. I’m talking about Chinese New Year! Yeah, you read that right. And I made me some dim sum. I shortcutted my way through the dough and the Chinese barbecued pork filling, leaving me plenty of time to roll these babies around my kitchen on…

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Wiener Schnitzel! (Haha, I said “Wiener”.)

When I lived in Melbourne in 2002, I worked at a sandwich shop run by a Greek couple who were very warm and friendly and paid everyone under the table and that worked out just fine for me. I forget their names now, except that the lady’s name was spelled like a man’s name in…

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Tropical Kebabs

Ladies. I got your back on this one. I talked to the master to get the key to all men’s hearts. Of course, I hadda blow him for it, but it was worth it for all the awesome info I got on how to impress dudes in the kitchen. Thanks, FreekZone. I owe you one…

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