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Kidney Bean Salad

This kidney bean salad is going to become a refrigerator staple, I can tell you already. Lately I’ve been SUPER lazy when it comes to making delicious and healthy and original foods for us to eat. Fortunately, neither I nor Chris is terribly picky when it comes to lunch, as long as it’s quick and…

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Swiss Chard Salad

swiss chard salad

Some of you “old timers” may remember this salad from a newsletter sent out a couple of years back, when I was going through a divorce and living with my wonderful mom temporarily. Since my mom goes out a lot more than I do, I got pretty skilled at cooking dinner for myself (granted, that…

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Sweet Potato Salad

This sweet potato salad is a great way to have your delicious, potato-y carbohydrates while secretly incorporating some fiber and vitamin A and jalape├▒os — which are all very healthy. I made a pesto kind of dressing with cilantro and green onions and I have a strong suspicion that a few leaves of mint would…

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Hilah’s Texas Kitchen: Goat Cheese Salad

Episode Two: Blue Heron Farm, Pecan-coated Goat Cheese Salad This episode was one of my favorite to shoot. The owners of Blue Heron Farm, Lisa and Christian, are super cool (as is every small farmer I’ve ever met. I swear that business is a magnet for bad-asses.) and their goats were SO FUN! I’d never…

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Kale Salad with Bacon

kale salad

ANOTHER KALE SALAD?! GROSS!!!! Um, that was rude, guys. Hear me out. This one is super delicious. And nutritious. And colorful and beautiful. And has optional bacon bits. Which I realize is a kind of iffy ingredient when we’re trying to call it nutritious, but that’s why they’re optional! Get it?! JEEZ! Basically, everything in…

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Thai Curry Chicken Salad

DEWDS. I think I’m gettin’ chunky. Well, fine, I know I’ve gained some weight in the last two years. Whether that newly minted weight qualifies me as “chunky” or not, I do know for a fact that some of my dang old summer shorts don’t fit no more! And, Hell! That ain’t right! Sewww,┬áthat means…

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Italian Dressing Recipe

Who among us didn’t love the everloving crap out of some Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing when we were young? Truly, who among us doesn’t still love it? Ain’t no shame in that game! But it is easy and fast to make your own with higher quality (healthier) oil and honest-to-god fresh garlic to keep vampires…

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Mini Burgers on Salad

Last week we went back to Santa Monica to shoot some collaborations with other YouTube cooks at the Tastemade studio. I met one of my new favorites, Ariyele Ressler, a gluten-free cook who’s just started her channel. I fell in love with her personality and recipes at first look and she proved to be just…

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Spring Pea Salad with Goat Cheese

Ah made yew a pea salad. We recently had the pleasure of visiting a dairy goat farm, Blue Heron Farm, you dewds, and I tell you it was pretty GD fantastic. Goats are so much like dogs! They come up and nuzzle you and want to be petted and they have soft fur and no…

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