Roasted Broccoli with Sunflower Butter

I love roasting vegetables, especially crucifers like cauliflower and broccoli. If you know someone who is averse to these gamey vegetables, try roasting. When you roast them, or any vegetable, it removes some of the liquid, develops the natural sugars, and of course gets toasty brown bits which is always good when food is involved. […]

“Better than Ranch-Style” Beans

People been asking me to do a baked beans recipe for their summer barbecues and picnics and whatnot, but I already have a recipe for baked beans in my Learn to Cook book. So I one-upped em and came up with this SUPER DELICIOUS ranch-style beans recipe. Man alive, these are good! Way, way, waaayyy […]

Adventures in El Rancho Supermercado

Pacaya Palm I got a new grocery store in my neighborhood and it’s called El Rancho Supermercado and let me tell you, it is indeed SUPER. I love anyplace where you can buy wedding cakes, tacos, and aguas frescas all in the same spot. Also, cactus juice, pulpos frescos, and a hundred kinds of dried […]

Green Papaya Salad

My friends Harry and Maew at the Simmons Family Farms are one-of-a-kind organic farmers. In addition to standard crops like greens, tomatoes, and peppers, they also grow many unusual vegetables and herbs like Thai basil, Chinese broccoli, and even papaya. This past week I was lucky enough to grab a green papaya from their stand […]

Homemade Cranberry Sauce Is Easy!

Cranberries grow in bogs. Bogs are like swamps. I’ve always had a thing for bogs and swamps. Did you know all that?

Creamed Spinach Recipe: Old Lady Recipes # 1

Creamed Spinach Truthfully, I can not state that I’ve ever had creamed spinach made by an actual Old Lady. But it’s one of the recipes that I lump into that category of my brain along with creamed onions, liver and onions, and gelatin salads. All of which are delicious. (Except maybe liver and onions; although […]

Carrots and Chickpeas

Has this ever happened to you? The other night I got experimental (a.k.a. “confused”) while I was cooking. Suddenly I realized my Greek-style meatballs were morphing into Middle-Eastern-style meatballs and then my kale turned kind of Italian-style when I wasn’t looking and then I decided I wanted a carby-side dish and I had some carrots […]

Indian Spiced Vegetable Medley

If you can call a motley crew of vegetables culled from the depths of the crisper drawer and all cooked together until one knows not where one ends and another begins because they are all beautifully melded with spicy chilies, cilantro, and homemade* garam masala powder a “medley”, then that is what I had for […]

Fried Okra

I am sad, y’all. These apocalyptic wildfires that are eating up my sweet home state are making me sad. This week I’m moving things out of my grandma’s house, just in case. Just in case a huge massive blaze of oxidation should sweep a few miles westward or northward, or from any direction really, and […]