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Puffy Tacos

Making Puffy Tacos with Teka Molino – scroll down for puffy taco recipe Teka Molino is San Antonio’s “Best Kept Secret” no longer! Puffy tacos were high on our list when we set out to make this show about Texas food. They are related to the crispy taco, but are light and pillowy and flaky.…

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I surely can’t be the only one to whom chicken flautas are a serious, dedicated food love. Corn tortillas rolled tightly around filling of your choice (chicken here, but beef or potato fillings are common) then fried until crispy golden delicious is achieved?? I mean, COMEON. This video was the second collaboration we did at…

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Big Ass Burritos

Burritos! Not breakfast burritos; I’m anti-breakfast burritos. But big ass, beany, cheesy, meaty burritos? Now we’re talking. I’m sure it’s obvious that you could fill these babies with anything your heart desires and your fridge contains. In my case, that was some black beans that became refried beans, some frozen chicken breast that became shredded…

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Carnitas means “little meats” in Español and I presume that’s because by the time it’s done cooking, you’re faced with a big pot of tender, tiny shreds of garlicky pork meat, perfect for filling tacos. Native to the state of Michoacán, traditional carnitas are covered in lard and cooked down for hours. Because a huge…

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Shrimp Tacos

how to make shrimp tacos video – scroll down for recipe DOODS. Seriously. I’d been thinking about making shrimp tacos on the show for a while but of course, you know, I wanted to do something awesome, something spicy, something different, something … SO RAVEN. Oh god, that was a terrible joke. Anyway, I’d been…

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Making Friends And Picadillo

I remember being 23 and thinking that I would never again in my life be capable of making such amazing, smart, sweet, crafty, kind-hearted friends as I had then. Fortunately, I still have those incredible friends in my life and am thankful every day for that. But one part of that thought that I am…

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How to Make Fish Tacos

fish tacos

Learn How to Make Fish Tacos with this amazing recipe. Probably the best fish taco recipe ever! Fish tacos are low-fat, healthy and quick to make.

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