Stay at Home Food

You’ve heard the heed, so heed the call and please try to avoid the grocery stores as much as you can these days. It helps the employees and it helps your neighbors if you can just stay home. Personally I have always loved the challenge of pantry cooking, and as soon and Chris and I…

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How to Eat More Vegetables

Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day is kind of a lot, once you factor in all the servings of whole grain bread and oatmeal and pasta and eggs and cheese and meat (and donuts?) that we are also supposed to eat every day. The pressure is immense!! And unfortunately, a serving of vegetables…

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Meals to Make When You’re in a Big Damn Hurry

It’s the final week before we start filming our new pilot project! (More on that here.) While I do feel like everything is very well under control and we are prepared enough at this point, I still anticipate not having much time to cook. Which, normally, might mean: Yay! We get to order pizza and…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #16

It’s fall! It’s fall! Or at least, it’s cold here in the mornings again. That means fall to southern California, I guess. Since fall is so short here, I’m excited to start this week with some autumnal delights! Think cinnamon, ginger, stews and hot drinks. Think meat and potatoes and barley and squash. Now you’re…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #15

Week fifteen! Let’s start (school) again! Back to school!!! Admittedly it’s been over a decade since I went back to school, but Chef Baby started preschool and many of our friends’ kids are going back to elementary school this week. And back to school often means longer days for kids and parents, I think? Seems…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #14

arroz con pollo

Week Fourteen! Where’ve I been?! Kinda rhymes. Anyway, I’ve been in Austin. Last week we took an 8-day trip to see my family, our friends, and Chris had a few meetings with his Yoga with Adriene team. So I took last week off of blogging and newslettering. Not a whole lot going on recently anyway.…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #13

salmon sweet potato croquettes

Thirteen! Lean and green! At the risk of harping, I’m still feeling some of the effects of “vegan week”, namely that neither of us has wanted to drink lately. And you know, that’s significant if you know me. πŸ˜‰ Β In fact, we’ve been feeling pretty healthy and have been incorporating more vegetarian — not necessarily…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #12

Week twelve! Dig and Delve! I don’t know what that means. I stole it from Mother Goose. Anyway. Last week Chris and I did a “vegan experiment” (his idea) and ate all vegan all week. I felt great about it. While not all of my dinner experiments turned out 100%, most of them did and…

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5 Meals to Make this Week #11

jackfruit tinga

Number eleven! Meal plan heaven! That was a lame one, but nothing else rhymes with eleven except seven and that won’t work for obvious reasons. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, let us celebrate the bounty of summer this week with lots of seasonal recipes like grilled corn, garlic green beans and fresh tomato gazpacho! Grilled Steak and Grilled…

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