5 Meals to Cook this Week #2

ground beef curry

Oh my GOSH! Y’all, I was supremely happy to see how much all of you appreciated the premier 5 meals to cook this week post, which made it extra fun for me to plan this week’s post. If you tried it last week, let me know how you liked the recipes. If you didn’t, give it a shot…

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5 Meals to Cook This Week #1

I talk a lot about food. I talk to everyone I meet about food — online and in real life. Want to know the most common complaint I hear about cooking? Planning. I’d wager that at least half of us really, really dislike the planning part of cooking. Decision fatigue is a real problem in modern…

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My Thanksgiving Menu 2015

Thanksgiving 2014 I admit we ordered the entire thing from Central Market. It was pretty good. Honestly, it didn’t feel that much easier than just making a very simple Thanksgiving menu myself, what with all the heating and reheating and special turkey bags and reading instructions and everything, but at the time, Flint was only…

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