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“Hilah’s Texas Kitchen” Goes Live

On the Tastemade Network, YouTube Next Chef Winner Hilah Johnson takes viewers on a rich Texan tasting tour

AUSTIN – Over the past three years, YouTube cooking show “Hilah Cooking” has built up a fiercely loyal Internet fan base. Shooting in her home kitchen, the 2012 YouTube Next Chef Winner Hilah Johnson makes cooking non-intimidating and fun by using simple techniques – and by cracking jokes along the way.

Now, the popular host and cookbook author is launching a new show venture, in partnership with the Tastemade Network: “Hilah’s Texas Kitchen.”

As a 7th generation Texan herself, Hilah was inspired to create a travel-themed cooking show that showed all the many facets of Texan cuisine, from the classic (barbeque) to the less well-known (German Chocolate Cake).

“I wanted to show the diversity of our food – the Mexican, German, Cajun, Czech cultures we have here – and show a little bit about agriculture besides the longhorns that everyone associates with Texas,” says Hilah.

“We visited a grapefruit farmer in the Valley, a shrimping family in Port Aransas, a couple of dairy goat farmers and cheese makers. We delved into the Austin breakfast taco scene, explored puffy tacos in San Antonio, replicated the beef ribs at Black’s Barbeque in Lockhart. We even covered German Chocolate Cake, which was made famous by a Dallas housewife.” 

Each episode features Hilah interacting with her guests, with the same quirk and warm personality that’s endeared her to fans. But in addition to learning their cooking techniques, she also pivots back to her own kitchen, so she can show viewers how to recreate the dishes at home.

With a 12 episode run, the first – “Texas BBQ Beef Ribs” shot at Black’s in Lockhart – released June 6. The reception from Tastemade and Hilah Cooking fans has been overwhelmingly positive so far, as viewers not only get to learn about Texas food, but meet the real life people behind its cuisine.

“Everyone we had the fortune to meet with and interview in the making of this series has been nothing but kind and lovely, passionate and proud about sharing their food with us and their customers,” says Hilah.

“If that’s what the audience sees, too, then I will have done what I set out to do.” 

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