Roast Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Sauce

The tenderloin is a nice, lean little cut of meat taken from the back side of an animal. Tenderloins have a reputation for being tricky, but that’s a load of horseshit if I ever heard one. Pork tenderloin is especially friendly I think, much smaller than a beef tenderloin, easy to find in stores, and…

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Summer Fruit Recipes: Plum Empanadas (and other things)

plum empanadas

When I was around 8 years old, I had one of the most joyful and vivid dreams of my life. We grew up in the Texas hill country, out on Lake Travis, far from civilization, but fortunately with lots of land to run around on and play. Next to our house was a scrubby field…

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Apricot-Ginger Coffee Cake

Real quick, here’s a delicious apricot-ginger coffee cake I made up last night to take to a girlfriend brunch-and-clothing-swap. I’m taking this plus like 4 bags of clothes and shoes to pawn off on someone else. Man, I love clothing swaps. It feels really good to get rid of stuff. It also feels good to…

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