Basil Walnut Pesto

Here’s a basic pesto recipe for ya. I used the HUGE bunch of basil in my CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. I use walnuts because I fear a second experience with the dreaded Pine Mouth. Walnuts add the same creamy texture, I think. Pecans also work nicely. Pesto can be frozen, too, in case…

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Surf and Turf: Steak with Oysters

Surf and Turf: Better than at a strip club V-D is Tuesday so here’s an awesome surf and turf combo I came up with that incorporates not one, but THREE aphrodisiacs and if that doesn’t get ya laid, well, perhaps you should look into improving your technique. Relax! I mean your cooking technique!

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Corn and Basil Salad

Summer corn salad with basil oil and cherry tomatoes

Corn and Basil Salad recipe updated for 2017! My sweet friend Nat’s birthday is in May. This year, she had her friends over for dinner and we like to cook together so of course I was over there early. I’d just gone out to Johnson’s Backyard Garden and brought her a big box of produce…

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