Spicy Peanut Coleslaw

peanut coleslaw

I’ve never been real big on mayonnaise coleslaw. It’s usually too sweet and too gooey. I am REAL big on this peanut coleslaw, however. It’s got a kind of Asian-thing happening with vinegar and soy sauce boogying down with cilantro and jalapeƱo slices and you can make it with either almond butter or peanut butter,…

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Vinaigrette Coleslaw Recipe

Vinaigrette Coleslaw video – scroll down for recipe card Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of new videos. This is one of the simplest coleslaw recipes EVER. In fact, this version is even slightly more complicated than I usually make. Most of the time, I just do salt, lime juice, and cilantro and…

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How to Make Fish Tacos

fish tacos

Learn How to Make Fish Tacos with this amazing recipe. Probably the best fish taco recipe ever! Fish tacos are low-fat, healthy and quick to make.

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