Fresh Cranberry Cookies

Fresh cranberry cookies with oats, pecans, chocolate chips and fresh cranberries kind of remind me of the best muesli cereal, but in a cookie form

I made this recipe up to use some leftover fresh cranberries after baking some cranberry nut bread. A total experiment, I was kind of expecting these to be . . . not very good? For some reason, although fresh cranberries work great in bread, I wasn’t sure they’d work in cookies. But with the combination…

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Cranberry Bread

This is my great-grandmother’s cranberry bread recipe. She was quite the cook, indeed. I’d had these Meyer lemons sitting in my fruit bowl for a couple of weeks, a gift from a friend’s yard. In years past, I’d have already turned them into limoncello or salted and preserved lemons, but this year — specifically the…

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