Wild Rice Salad

wild rice salad

A dear, dear friend of mine recently came back to Texas for a visit. She’s been living in New Zealand for a few years now with her handsome Kiwi man and two drop-dead adorable boy-children. The reason for her visit was sad, but we were all so happy to see them. She asked her lady-friends…

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My New Favorite Watermelon Recipes

(NOTE: I started this post literally a year ago and it got lost in the shuffle, but now it’s finished! Jeez! Take forever! Also, please note that my photography has improved considerably since a year ago. I hope so, anyway.) Watermelon! It’s rad! It’s also in season and super-duper tasty right now. But how do…

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Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes Recipe

Here’s a majorly easy recipe for zucchini pancakes with only 4 ingredients! Switch out zucchini for anything else and make vegetable pancakes! Viola! It’s just that easy, my people.

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How To Make Corn Fritters

how to make corn fritters

This corn fritters recipe is quick, easy and only requires 5 ingredients! Use another vegetable besides corn and you got some other vegetable fritter! Make it up!

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Tuscan Mule Cocktail

Here’s how to make a Tuscan Mule Cocktail, which is a variation on the Moscow Mule. Super easy: Tuaca, ginger beer, and lime. Perfect Summer drink!

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How To Make Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are easy to make! Here’s my recipe for spring rolls with lots of suggested fillings, plus my secret, easy peanut sauce recipe! People gonna be wowed by your kitchen prowess!

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How to Make a Mint Julep Cocktail

how to make a mint julep

You must know how to make a Mint Julep cocktail if you are going to be a classy gent. Or lady. Classic and classy and made for summertime drinking. Make sure you got a lotta mint and ice on hand!

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