Oatmeal Fruit Bars

pbj bars



  1. Set oven to 350 and line an 8×8″ pan with parchment paper, leaving edges hanging over.
  2. Cover dried fruit with boiling water and let sit 5 minutes.
  3. Put 1 3/4 cup oats in a food processor and pulse a couple of times to chop. Transfer to a bowl.
  4. Add drained soaked fruit, 2 tablespoons butter, peanut butter and vanilla to the processor and pulse until combined well. Add to oats and mix. Add 2-4 tablespoons of the soaking liquid as needed to make a stiff dough.
  5. Press the mixture firmly into the bottom of the baking dish.
  6. Spread jam casually over that.
  7. Mix remaining butter with 1/2 cup remaining oats and the peanuts. Sprinkle over the jam and press in.
  8. Bake 15-20 minutes until lightly browned at the edges.
  9. Cool in pan, lift out and cut into 2″ squares.