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Hey, did y’all know I write cookbooks, too? Well, it’s a fact, Jack. And I’m pretty durn good at it, if I do say so myself. All of my recipes are tested and approved by the discerning palates of my friends, and they are written so that even the most novice cooks can follow the instructions easily — without being patronizing of course, because that’s not very nice! Books make a great gift to yourself or a loved one and all of my ebooks come with a money-back guarantee. I’m certain you’ll love these books!

Learn To Cook

The Breakfast Taco BookLEARN TO COOK is designed to get you cooking for yourself like a civilized human being! Drawing from a lifetime of cooking and over six years experience making instructional cooking videos, author Hilah Johnson has produced a beginners’ cookbook for today’s young adults. The casual, straightforward style will appeal to anyone with a sense of humor and the focus on fresh, natural, simple recipes will appeal to anyone who loves to eat. The book includes chapters on menu planning, knife skills, grocery shopping and more, plus a handy spice chart and over 150 recipes from breakfast to dinner with snacks in between.

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The Breakfast Taco Book (Second Edition)

Breakfast Taco Book

Completely Revised and Expanded second edition!

This cookbook is packed with everything you need to know about breakfast tacos! In this second edition, I’ve revised it to include:

  • Research and articles on the history of the breakfast taco
  • Interviews with several more taco experts
  • Even MORE breakfast taco recipes to enable you to make any kind of taco you want, from tortillas to salsa!
  • Reviews and ordering tips for breakfast tacos not just in Austin, but San Antonio and ‘The Valley’

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Cavelady Cooking! – $2.99

This Kindle book contains 50 fun recipes that fit in with your Paleo, gluten-free, and low-carb diet! I spent several months experimenting and testing recipes for this book and came up with some real winners. Some of our favorites are:

  • Paleo “lasagna” – grain and dairy free, but so scrumptious you’d never know! (Chris really didn’t know!)
  • Grain-free sushi rolls – I came up with a surprising and colorful substitute for rice here. *pats self on back*
  • Counterfeit Lara bars – portable, storable, great for  breakfast-on-the-go, hiking and camping, or just when you need a sweet bite
  • Eggs “Benedict” – who knew that switching out the English muffin for a yummy crab cake would be so good and so gluten-free???

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Holiday Cookies: 14 new and delicious cookie recipes (including one for Fido!)

This one is available in both Kindle and in print. It’s got full-color pictures taken by yours truly and a little section on cookie basics, from the importance of creaming butter to how to pack cookies for shipping.