Sufganiyot – Hanukkah Jelly Donuts


Thanksgivukkah is nigh! The first time since the dinosaurs that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide! Perhaps not quite that long, but for sure the once and only time it will happen in our lifetimes, so it might as well be Jurassic times. Sufganiyot (or sufganiyah, singular or סופגנייה‎ in Hebrew) are the original jelly donuts, I’d…

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Pumpkin Cake Donuts!

YAYAYAY!!!! Halloween is almost here! My FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVERRR! I LOVE SATAN!!!! Just kidding about that last part. I do love Halloween, though. Big-time. I love gory makeup and spooky sound effects and fake blood and ripped-off arms and popped-out eyeballs and skulls and teeth just sitting there chattering on a table, not even inside…

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