Baked Green Tomatoes

When we visited Johnson’s Backyard Garden last week, we came home with a whole lotta green tomatoes. I’m thinking, around ten pounds of them? So what’d we do? Well, der, obviously we made fried green tomatoes. Several times. For a few meals actually. They’re, like, super-duper good. Ugh. But they’re also frrriii-eddd which means I…

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Sweet-Hot Green Tomato Pickles

It’s like Girls Gone Wild in my kitchen! But with tomatoes … and with my top on. This was an experiment that turned out well and happens to be easy, too! We liked these chopped up and added to tuna salad, or just served with anything that might go well with chutney. They are sweet,…

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Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes in Skillet

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe Video – scroll down for recipe We always had a little garden when I was growing up. Not like a farm, but just a little plot behind the house, down the hill a bit, under a giant cottonwood tree with a swing tied to its branches. I didn’t really have much…

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