Learn To Cook Book

Learn To Cook will teach you to cook for yourself like a civilized human being! Author Hilah Johnson has produced a beginners’ cookbook for today’s young (and young-at-heart) adults.

The casual, straightforward style will appeal to anyone with a sense of humor and the focus on fresh, natural, simple recipes will appeal to anyone who loves to eat. Silly illustrations and a few dirty jokes keep you on your toes throughout the book and make learning fun!

  • 308 Pages
  • Softcover
  • Full Color Covers/B&W interiors


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Learn to Cook is jam-packed with awesomeness!

Learn To Cook Page Sample Cooking For Beginners!
Learn To Cook will teach you everything you need to know to get started cooking. We’ve got chapters on menu planning, knife skills, grocery shopping, kitchen equipment (including the only three tools you really need), and more!

Learn To Cook Recipes

Learn To Cook Cartoons Cartoons!
We are on a mission to convince the world that cooking is fun, so don’t expect a traditional uptight cookbook. We packed the book with awesome cartoons (and a few dirty jokes).

Learn to Cook Meal Plans

Learn To Cook Spice Charts Reference Charts!
Learn To Cook is designed to be a reference book you’ll use for years to come. We’ve included all the reference charts you’ll need, including a comprehensive 9-page guide to spices.

Click Here To Purchase – Only $19.99

About Hilah Johnson
hilah-johnsonHilah Johnson is the host and co-creator of the popular internet cooking series Hilah Cooking.

The purpose of the show is to get people excited about cooking with simple, tasty, and unusual recipes. So far we’ve made over 200 video recipes.

When not writing cook books or making cooking videos, she enjoys long walks, chips and salsa, drinking beer, and bringing home stray dogs.

We’ve already gotten tons of amazing feedback about Learn to Cook!

“Not only is Learn To Cook a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of cooking, it’s also funny as shit – which makes it both entertaining (to wit: I read the whole book in under two hours because it is awesome and I couldn’t put it down) and extremely useful.” – Jane (http://frothygirlz.com)

“This book breaks down everything you need to learn how to cook. I’m talking equipment, cutting techniques, grocery shopping, and of course recipes for some amazing dishes. But the best part about the cookbook is Hilah’s style, humor, and personality. I guarantee this will be the most fun that you’ve had reading a cookbook.” – Vic (http://vicmagary.com)

“This book is badass. My house has never smelled better at dinnertime! And my dude and I get to eat awesome meals at night instead of spaghetti.” – Jessica (http://www.goodreads.com/)

All I can say is, hells yes! The format is excellent and as expected your sense of humor really keeps this interesting for a wide range of folks.All the way from the newbie who needs to learn the whole enchilada, to the jaded folks who always introduce themselves as “Chef” so and so (you know who you are!). – Jmitchpen1013 (YouTube)

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