Learn To Cook Book

My Learn to Cook book is now available in print!

Featuring a casual straightforward style, jokes to keep you on your toes, and over 150 fresh, simple recipes, Learn to Cook will appeal to anyone who loves to eat and/or laugh.

Making a meal plan and grocery list based on what’s for sale that week will save you $$$, friend!

You may not think you are a “natural cook”. I maintain that all that means is that you didn’t grow up doing it every day. If you’d been playing piano every day since you were 5, you’d be a bad ass right now, not because you’re a “natural” but because you learned how to do it. Even if you’ve never cooked, you can still start now and be good at it pretty quickly. You don’t require any innate talent to be a good cook some day soon.

Lots of people have told me they’ve tried teaching themselves to cook from regular cookbooks. It doesn’t seem to work so well. There’s a ton of unfamiliar terminology and it’s intimidating. But, you can do this! I’ll teach you the words and techniques you need to know to cook basic meals and eventually create your own recipes, too!

In this book, you’ll find chapters on:

  • cooking terminology and techniques
  • menu planning (save money!)
  • knife skills (save fingers!)
  • grocery shopping tips make it easier and faster
  • kitchen equipment (and the only three tools you really need)
  • timing out a multi-course meal
  • Spice Chart to give you ideas for seasoning substitutions
  • and more!

Not to mention, over 150 recipes from breakfast to dinner to the snacks in between! Each chapter starts super simple for the beginner and as you work through the book, the recipes get a little more advanced so that the book grows with you.

Many recipes have corresponding video tutorials that you can look up on this site. All of the knife skills drawings are also available as video demonstrations, too.

In addition to the chapters on home economics, you’ll find simple and delicious recipes like this:

how to roast a chicken

Complete roasted chicken dinner with asparagus and mashed potatoes and everything is ready at the same time!

Vegetarian recipes, too! Like this stuffed poblano pepper with black bean polenta and salad

Easy desserts for every occasion! Brownies, cookies, simple frosted cake and fruit cobbler


Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Learn To Cook!

You will be richer. Dude, it’s fucking expensive to be going to restaurants all the time, especially if you’re dating someone and you gotta pay for two people. A home cooked meal is way more impressive to most people than a strange place with dim lighting and a jazz band. Just light some candles, put on some Hootie, and make spaghetti and meat balls. Done! For like a quarter of the cost of Olive Garden.

You will be healthier. Even if you aren’t eating at McDonald’s every day, you still don’t ever really know what you are eating unless you watched it get made. At any restaurant, you have very little control over what you are putting into your body. Own your body and take responsibility for feeding it well.

You will get laid more. Cooking good food is sexy.

You will feel more like a grown-up human being. Cooking food is a basic human activity that adults should to be able to do. Like driving a car, handling liquor, and holding down a job.

You will be more independent. Depending on someone else for sustenance is like having to pay for air AND leave your house to get it three times a day.

So come along with me and learn to cook like a civilized human being!

Get the ebook for your Kindle or get the print book for your bookshelf