Quinoa Recipes

Since errybody’s crazy about quinoa and I’ve been seeing a lot of tastee-tastee-lookin’ quinoa recipes around and about my part of the internet, I put together this list of some good ones.

quinoa recipes

Quinoa salad with roasted eggplant and sesame (recipe link below!)

If you’re unfamiliar with quinoa, the gist of it is this:

  1. It was domesticated in Peru
  2. It’s not botanically classified as a grain (it’s a seed) but it’s treated as a grain culinarily
  3. It’s high in protein so it makes a great substitute for other grains if you’re a vegetarian or just someone who needs more protein in their diet
  4. It comes in a few different colors: white, red, and black. They are interchangeable in recipes and cook the same way
  5. It cooks quickly, is versatile, slightly nutty in flavor and goes well with salty cheeses and soy sauce
  6. It’s pronounced “KEEN-wa”

Quinoa Recipes, Commence!

Quinoa Salad Recipe

This Quinoa Salad (by yers truly!) is like the best thing ever and I’m not just saying that. It’s seriously good. Make a batch for lunch during the week, or take it to a potluck and it’ll be one of the first things devoured.

Pork Fried Quinoa Recipe

This one from Chef John at FoodWishes is delicious and a fun change from fried rice — maybe even a little healthier!

Quinoa Pilaf Recipe

Quinoa can sub for rice in this Indian pilaf from ShowMeTheCurry, too! Like magic!

Quinoa-Black Bean Salad Recipe

This quinoa and black bean stuffed pita sandwich by my friend Dani Spies would make a great, cool meal on one of these sultry Summer nights.  (By ‘sultry’ I mean ‘sweaty’ and by ‘cool’ I mean ‘hardly any cooking’.)

Quinoa Yogurt Breakfast Recipe

Quinoa can be served for breakfast, too! Cook and serve like oatmeal with syrup, or just layer cooked quinoa with yogurt, nuts and fruit like Ariyele does here!

Quinoa Oatmeal Bars Recipe

Or try these make-ahead berry-quinoa-oatmeal bars for breakfast! Yum. Srsly.

Quinoa Apple Pie Recipe

And though it’s billed as a breakfast, I’d totally eat this apple quinoa pie for dessert.

Grow Your Own Quinoa!

You may have seen this article from the NYT regarding the global popularity surge of quinoa and how it’s affected the price in places like Bolivia and Peru, basically pricing people out of it. This lady has an interesting solution: grow your own quinoa! She’s in Arizona, so I imagine Texas would be a fine climate as well.

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